Let’s face it, “business as usual” is killing us.

Short-term thinking, corporate greed, mass consumption, and endless extraction and exploitation in the pursuit of profit has put us on a fast-track to climate breakdown and human misery.

Business as usual — pollution, extraction, exploitation in the pursuit of profit.

In business we seem to be driving at breakneck speed towards a cliff-edge and nobody dares be the first to take their foot off the gas. The fear of slowing down or producing less, to be overtaken by the competition, has us paralysed in the driver’s seat — foot firmly on the accelerator pedal and fists clamped on the steering wheel, whiteknuckled and…

I’ve been thinking about logos and branding design a lot recently… not surprising, as it’s kind of my job! I’ve known this fact for a while but I often don’t articulate it…

We designers don’t really sell the design. We sell the outcome.

We sell the positive perception that your branded visual identity system creates in the minds of your audience.

I’m reminded of the quote by the amazing Maya Angelou about people not remembering the words that you say, but remembering how you make them feel — and the same is true about logos, brand, and visual identity design.

Business, trade, enterprise, commerce… whatever you call it — and whatever you think of it — it’s happening right now. When I think of the dizzying amount of transactions that happen every second of every day it’s almost enough to make my head explode, more-so when I think of the millions of supply chains and the incalculable number of stages in the processes required to produce the goods we all buy.

I make no secret that I’m sceptical of big business; I don’t like the hard capitalist approach of profit-over-everything and how that profit motive has resulted in a race-to-the-bottom…

“Do you think brands have a responsibility to make positive change in the world?”

This question was put to 2,400 consumers across the UK, US, South Africa and India in a 2019 survey carried out by Futerra consumer research, and a staggering 98% of people said yes. People expect and demand businesses to do more than simply maximise their profits at any cost.

Whilst I understand that there are many challenges, costs, and potential risks associated with transitioning a business to more sustainable practices, I argue that we need to act — and act quickly! …

Perhaps you’ve been operating for a few years now, you’ve built a good team and you’re proud of the positive impact you’ve made. But you’ve reached a point where things are feeling a bit stale, perhaps your growth has plateaued, your message doesn’t seem to have the impact it once did, or you’ve outgrown your existing brand identity.

You’ve identified that something needs to change to take things to the next level, to reconnect with your audience, and increase your ethical impact.

There are many other reasons why an organisation may decide to rebrand, but here’s a few I have…

I’ve always been a visual person, I used to be called ‘artsy’ in school, and I’ve always loved creating things. Naturally this fascination with the visual led me down a certain type of educational path; from my work experience job as a sign-maker, to exploring multimedia and film production in college, and enrolling onto a design degree at university. I’ve always enjoyed the process of seeing things come to life in front of me; either on the printed page, animated on screen, or interacting with it in a web browser.

Learning my craft, losing my way.

After over 10 years in the creative industry, first as…

I’ve worked in the creative design industry, in some form or other, for around 15 years. And I’ve been creating logos, visual identities, and helping to shape businesses ‘brands’ for a good chunk of that time. I’ve helped with a number of clients, from startups who have never worked with a designer before and need a little handholding throughout the process, to established business owners who know where they want to be and have commissioned me to help them get there. …

I’ve been on a journey for the past few years. I’m working towards living as sustainably and environmentally-neutral as possible, making daily tweaks to my lifestyle (some pretty major, and other relatively tiny), and it hasn’t always been easy and I’ve messed up quite a few times.

But along this journey I have come to the conclusion that the best way to be most effective is to not shrink away, and to reduce yourself to nothing in the hopes that your footprint will vanish with you, but to be active, excited, and see it as an opportunity to have conversations…

I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction and stories about the future. Most of the dreams I remember having usually revolve around futuristic cities with gleaming towers, biodomes full of exotic alien plant life, and suspended pathways that arch across the skyline while flying vehicles of all shapes and sizes crisscross below.

The average person is bombarded with hundreds of brands per day, so much that that somebody has developed a pair of “brand killer” glasses.

Whilst I do feel a bit guilty for potentially adding to this bombardment of logos, I think it’s important that we designers realise that the average person doesn’t really look at logos. This was demonstrated when a staggering 53% of people failed to correctly identify the Apple logo, probably the world’s most recognisable logo.

Most people are normal, they go about their daily lives and interact with these brands when they have to. Most people don’t…

Will Saunders 🌱

A better world, by design.

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